“I had been swimming breaststroke for may years, but had a phobia about swimming with my head in the water. I wanted to learn to do crawl and knew I would have to conquer this fear of water if I was to succeed!!
I mentioned this to Sarah one day and she suggested a one to one session with her to tackle this. Sarah is amazing! Within 30 minutes she had me swimming with my head in water and I was elated. I can’t believe what I had been missing.
I am now taking lessons with her to learn front crawl, one to one and Monday Swimming Club, and am loving it!
Sarah has stacks of patience and we have fun along the way. Sarah is a marvel, I recommend her to anyone.”

“Having done cycle races and running races for a number of years I wanted to give triathlon a go.
At 43 years of age, I had not had a swimming lesson since school.
I went to a pool to begin my triathlon training and although fit from the running and cycling quickly realised I wasn’t very efficient at swimming as I was getting out of breath at the end of each length!
I saw the Milestone swimming club information sheet at Malvern College and I contacted Sarah for help.
I had two one-to-one lessons a week for a couple of months. During this time Sarah took me back to basics to work on the swimming stroke.
The training and technique was tailored to my triathlon needs. Sarah is involved with the Malvern Triathlon Club which I joined.
The technique was improving and I needed to improve the endurance so I started attending the Milestone swimming club sessions on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.
Five months after my first lesson with Sarah, I am two weeks away from my first 1500m open water Triathlon swim.
I am looking forward to the swim, confident I will get through it in good shape and I am enjoying my swimming.
Its never too late to learn new skills. Sarah is very patient, encouraging and makes you feel confident in the water.”

“I started with milestone swimming club at the beginning of 2016 with the aim of learning how to do front crawl.
I was very nervous at first but Sarah/Stewart made sure I was with people of a similar ability and made me feel at ease.
Sarah/Stewart watched me swim and offered me advice on how to improve my stroke.
I would only be given one thing to work on at a time so I would not have information overload.
Each session I would be given more tips and swimming drills to work on.
I’ve gone from barely making 1 length of the pool to swimming 12 lengths continuously in just over 2 months which I’m so happy about.
The swimming club is a very friendly and none competitive club of mixed ability. I’ve made some great friends through the club and look forward to my swim nights.
Thank you Milestone Swimming Club.”

“Sarah is teaching me on a one-to-one basis plus in group swim sessions.
I’m learning freestyle to become a triathlete – an area she’s well versed in – and her knowledge and tailoring of my lessons in this area, is invaluable. She’s an excellent teacher with bags of patience, is a brilliant motivator and most importantly personable and friendly.
I’d highly recommend her for all types of swimming, at all levels.”

“I have been swimming at Sarah’s Monday lunchtime group for 3 or more years, and I LOVE IT! When I first joined the group, I could swim quite happily with my head thrashing from side to side, but wanted to learn to swim properly like my then 6 year old. I couldn’t even put my face in without panicking that I couldn’t catch my breath, but Sarah was brilliant. She gave me little tips and techniques, so I learnt to trickle-breath. Gradually over time, in my time, at my pace, Sarah encouraged me to push and glide. I remember laughing my head off the first time as I was so proud of myself. I thought I would just flop into the pool.
I have since learnt to swim on my back and can quite confidently swim a length.
I would recommend Sarah to anyone interesting in learning or improving their swimming. She has so much knowledge and time to give. She doesn’t rush you, it’s all at your pace.
If you try one method and it doesn’t work, she will find another. I wouldn’t swim anywhere else.”

“Learning to do the front crawl with Sarah has been one of the best things i have done in a long time!
Sarah is both encouraging and fun. The swimming club allows you to work at your own pace with no pressure.
Would highly recommend for non-swimmers too – i have seen the smiles on their faces after just one lesson!”